Friday, September 30, 2011

Displaying Children's Work

A child names his work. It features a "tornado sky," but
the work receives the title, "The Cooperative School."

As part of our "Look Twice," we help children take the time to look at their work again. With the display of their work, we give parents the opportunity to celebrate the wonder of the child-artist.

Titling the work is an important part of the closing the loop. As educators we are able to gain understanding about how each child has processed the task at hand, we give voice to a joyous poetry expressed through each child's unique and personal title, and we validate every child's efforts.

The title takes us closer to displaying the artwork. This effort is a shared validation of the children's artwork and efforts. Each work is given the same care in the mounting, in the titling, the labeling, and finally, the exhibit.

Collected watercolor, tempera, and oil pastel paintings waiting to be named. These were created after the children
investigated the Science of Emotion. These works document the children's "soft thoughts" or the images, items, or ideas
they need to calm them during frustrating or angry times.
On the left, layered maps from the 4-turning 5-year olds and on the right the 3-turning 4-year olds' math collages.

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