Thursday, September 22, 2011

Science of Emotion

The science of emotions, an exploration
documented through art.
We repeated the experiment multiple times. The first in a large group in total demonstration mode, but the second time in smaller groups hands-on. 

Taste the baking soda (salty like tears), smell and taste the vinegar (sharp and most votes were for "yuck") and then holding, feeling, and naming the cotton balls. The comforts the cotton balls represented included skate boards, riding a bike, climbing a tree, going home, a mother's arms, family, favorite blankets.

The children were nervous around the explosion. They quickly dropped their balls into the lava flow and backed away.

They documented the jar with the overflowing feelings and cotton balls calming, floating in the liquid. Here the paintings are collected. Next step, reflection.
A collection on display
Detail of paintings

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