Thursday, October 13, 2011

Block Houses

During our Sense of Place exploration, we usually work on collages or paint house and building structures, but this class is especially interested in building with blocks.

Instead, it seemed a reasonable (and exciting) leap to have them paint blocks as structures as seen over at let the children play (then daisy-chain yourself right to the source irresistible ideas for play based learning).

Andrea and I have always wanted these and once I took a look at how all the artwork has stacked up along the walls so far this year, I immediately thought of the spiraling forest walk building designed by Hundertwasser in Darmstadt. Using the iPad, we showed the children the images of this building along with Hundertwasser paintings and they got right to work.

The blocks aren't all done, a couple of children have been out with assorted fever/coughs. We are really looking forward to seeing these blocks as part of a greater landscape.


  1. Oh Lesley these are gorgeous!

    While I made the original wooden houses we blogged about myself, and the children did love them, I much prefer the ones that Jenny's children made over at 'Let the children play' as well as the blocks made by 'Teacher Tom's' children and now of course yours ... More power to the children I say!

    Dona :) :)

  2. Thanks. These were splintery and written on unit blocks. I am keeping my eye out at the thrift shops for triangles and I am thinking we have to figure out how to give them green, forest roofs.

  3. Love this idea! I am doing a three part block workshop series for preschool teachers and I will definitely show this in my 2nd group :)

  4. Great! We are working on the last two and will take a photo of the blocks in use soon.