Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tell a Story, Symbol Collage

Literacy. Symbol holds meaning. We begin by discussion the work of Gerald McDermott. His illustrations, with their vibrant colors and use of shapes, resonate with the children. They have symbols (leaf shapes and color teams) and the characters in several of McDermott's books are identifiable by their symbols (see Old Man Crow in Blue Coyote and the raven in Raven.) 

Using left-over painted paper shapes from another project, the children created their own geometric symbol pictures. The backgrounds are pink, similar to the sky in Jabuti.

The project's look twice -- this is what we call bringing children back to their work for reflection --here it is found in the titling. Here we discover a celebration of ideas and connections to the books we have read and the idea of Symbol.

A story begins.
Stories unfold.
Another story begins. Process hint: Do you have children who do not like glue
on their fingers? Place a damp washrag next to them while they work.
Glue simply wipes off.
A pattern story
Displayed work and project documentation. To learn more about how we display
children's work, please visit the
Growing Together blog, If These Walls Could Talk.
Displayed work and project documentation
Close-up of project documentation

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