Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hands ON!

Love the daisy chain possibilities offered by the internet! Saw this link on Learning for Life's facebook page to Happy Hooligans' Monster Hands. We don't formally observe any holidays at our School, but take a peek at the monster hands at Happy Hooligans. Who could resist? When I saw them, I didn't think about Halloween, I thought about Baba Yaga's hands. We are now reading these tales, so of course, we really HAD TO make the hands!

We began by tracing hands, outlining these with green marker. The children dragged every single paint jar they could find and got right to work. Some started with the background and some started with the hands. Details were added.

Later, when the paintings were dry. Some of the children cut their hands from the painted backgrounds (they could still see the marker lines from the other side). Other children chose to keep the hands and the backgrounds intact. The next step was to collage all the components together. The children used feathers, pom poms, paper scraps, and other loose pieces as spooky details.

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