Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Circle Goes Round

We are beginning our conversation about circles, specifically mandalas. Each year, the Tracks (4 and 5-year olds) create self-portraits. Although the portraits themselves roll out in a similar way each year (they are, after all, about science and exploring the body through art) the backgrounds and the way the children dress their portraits varies. This year, inspired by my neighbor Mark Swidler and his exhibit of carved styrofoam cups at American Visionary Art Museum's All Things Round I wanted to think about placing mandala-inspired shapes behind the portraits. Let's get rolling!

We looked at videos of mandalas -- especially ones that featured the mandala form in nature. We looked for mandala-like patterns in the classroom, finding them on shirts and dresses! Then the children revisited their neutral hue easel paintings, tracing a circle using permanent marker and got to painting! These painted circles seem to beckon like some far off planets. 


  1. These are wonderful - I have to ask have you had any of your former students go on to do art in a serious way as adults? I just wonder(and hope) if all your brilliant exposure to art & techniques has a long lasting role in their lives as the enter the pressure of the more academic school system

  2. It is interesting. A handful of children have grown up and continued to expand their visual art repertoire and art teachers in the elementary schools have told me they can pick our children out. But mostly, the children seem to have a really good handle on problem-solving and/or thinking outside the box.