Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reuse, Repurpose

It was a week of found objects and repurposing. Over the holidays, it was time to clean out my basement. There were loads of treasures, of course. I found a stack of mailing labels, dog-eared and a little beat-up and because of that, the labels could no longer be used for printing. I brought them in for the children to make their own stickers. They used watercolors for this first layer. Some treated each label  as a separate component while others painted the sheet as a whole unit.

In the meantime, another treasure trove was discovered at Andrea's mother-in-law's house. Her mother-in-law passed away at the beginning of December and from these sad circumstances, two boxes of incredible materials were gifted to the school. These die cutters, pictured here, were something that we simply could never even consider buying, but have always wanted. They are easy to use -- requiring both hands for use -- and were an instant source of fascination. Every time we set these out, we will think of this wonderful woman and her gift to the school.

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  1. Brilliant reusing Lesley & isn't it lovely that Andrea will always have a nice reminder of her mum when these are used.