Friday, March 16, 2012

Display, Layered Transparency Collages

The m.a. tateishi studies are on display. Enjoy.

The m.a. tateishi studies are on display. Enjoy.


  1. I love how these look - a must do project for my classroom!

  2. It's wonderful the kids get an exhibition and a chance to see their work beautifully displayed. I'm happy to be the inspiration for children's art.

    P.S. What's in the black and white photo over Studies?

    1. that black and white photo is a shadow against a play surface in the playground. We looked at your site and then tried to find things/images around the school that gave us more ideas about layered transparencies in real life. The children could see the shadow the branches/flowers (fake flowers) were casting and it changed the way the sand on the planks looked in shadow and light. Also, when they passed their hands along in the mid-range, they saw the branches cast the shadow on their hands as well as on the planks. I think it always helps to have some hands-on experience to bring a new sense of purpose.