Friday, March 30, 2012

The Sevens

I was tagged by a blogger friend at All For the Love of You, to list seven random things I have learned about art from preschoolers as part of the 7 Random Things Meme. I am so glad that once tagged, she also gave me the writing prompt for it. Otherwise, I would be still stuck on what to do next. Thank you, Steph!

So without further ado...I will also follow in Steph's footsteps and bend the rules just a bit. This collection of photos may not show you pieces of art. This collection will show you some actions and events, even a glimpse of one or two materials, that I believe inspire young visionaries. These photos reveal opportunities to learn about themselves and ways to collect experiences that will certainly, most certainly, tumble out into creative expression. The thing I learned about art from preschoolers is that you have to walk away from paint and paper and have grand adventures before walking back towards paint and paper and all the other endless possibilities. 

And, I am including more than 7 photos. Because. That is another good place to get bendy.

Then I will totally break the rules even further, do read on...

Jumping. Preferably from great heights.
Design and Pattern with colors, curves, and lines.

Clay. It is all that it promises. It resists and complies.
And then there is wire and wood. These also resist and comply!
Heavy work. Boards, rocks, water-filled bottles, digging. It centers our souls and fills
us with purpose.
Sticks, branches, poles, They are hard to control. They are unwieldy. And yet they stretch and reach above and beyond where our own bodies take us.
Glue. It is not just for adhering paper, wood, etc.!
Metal and also glass, wood, fabric for building. These bring a new standard for the possible.
Ice and also warmth. Changeable temperatures in mud and dirt. Leaves, rain, snow, feathers, grass, butterfly wings and all the other things that cultivate touch.
Beautiful things. Things that alter light and change up the "usual".
Opportunities to understand materials differently...
through touch, smell, hearing, tasting, not just seeing.
Or just seeing. Looking at things in a different scale. Up close or far away.
And the best, best, best way is often far away from the way adults view the world.

These are the kind of moments, both large and small, that inspire and bring out the joy of the material and the imaginary.

Now about the tagging. I have to break the rules, I can't tag anyone else, my blogging friends are all teachers. They are heading into parent teacher conferences and holidays. I can't. Does this mean I won't  win the lottery. Too bad, it is like a bajillion dollars right now. To win, I guess I would have had to follow rules for that game as well starting with buying a ticket!

Anyway, I am happy to half-participate and I am happy Steph tagged me!

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