Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fairytale Cities

Friends help friends hold the stencils.
One of the children donated Taschen's Grimm's Fairytales to the School in celebration of her "growing day". The book is beautiful, both inside and out, bound in purple cloth with sewn-in ribbon bookmarks.  The illustrations are stunning. Using the one on the back cover of the book as inspiration, the children used stencils and permanent markers to sketch out buildings and then used watercolors to bring them to life.

The watercolor layer.

Once the watercolor was dry, the children used gold (pictured below) and silver acrylic paint to fill in the backgrounds. This was a change in plan. I was actually going to ask the children to cut out the painted buildings to later collage them against painted sky backgrounds. The watercolors were so lovely, I talked to the artists about my idea and they voted on using the gold and silver acrylics instead. Gold and silver metallic paint, is after all, almost as good as glitter.

Backgrounds using gold and silver acrylics.

 The collected works.

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