Thursday, October 27, 2011

Playing with Color

Since the Chris Martin Painting Big opened the complementary color discussion wide open, we moved up the color wheel exploration waaay up to RIGHT NOW!

Once the move was decided upon, well, options were wide-open to change things up. Of course, we started by PLAYING with color! A great place to begin any color exploration is with a visit to ColorMatters.

Light Table!
Learning Materials Workshop Play!

Then, we moved into the color. This part of the color wheel process followed our usual path, but we spent a lot of time talking about complementary colors (primary colors have a complementary secondary color). This discussion will be put into action next week! Stay tuned.

This is really a great science PROCESSES project. It follows a step-by-step process beginning with the placement of the primary colors, followed by mixing the secondary colors, and even the use of the brushes!

This is where things get fun. In the past, when we have worked on color wheels and color mixing, it leads straight to color mixing for skin colors during our Sense of Self unit. This year, it is all about making colors "pop," so why not use these color wheels as a surface to make materials literally pop?

I remembered seeing a project on Little Illuminations about using color wheels as backgrounds for found object collage. So I sent home paper bags with each student with a homework high and low for objects matching the color wheels. Really looking forward to what they find!

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