Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sketch to Painting

No one was more surprised than me when I saw more than a handful of children's permanent marker drawings stretch and grow from 18"x8" sketches to 60"x18" paintings.

I knew that they would all come up with something creative and that they would make a connection based on the experience. That was a certainty, but I didn't know there could be a visual connection -- painted lines and shapes that could be traced back to the original line drawings!  The joy of working with very young children is that they are open to new ideas and will take any meager idea I might come up with and make it SOAR in directions I could never imagine.

So even if they don't look all the same from sketch-to-paint  (one young painter told me, "I never draw the same line twice.") every single one is totally and completely cool.

So this is the next step in our final project for Sense of Place. These were painted on Monday. During our next art session we will take a look at complementary colors and color mixing (creating color wheels) before revisiting these paintings for the next layer.

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