Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seemingly Random Lines and Shapes

We usually work with a dilute glue solution applied with foam brushes during collage projects. The glue is spread on whatever background the children are working with and then on top of the collage components to create a seal. 

Knowing that our children will head off to elementary schools and art classrooms without that approach as an option, we like to introduce the good old glue bottle -- formally and informally. 

Throughout the year, we pull out a bin of collected bits and pieces like strips of painted paper, squares of fabric, lengths of string, and all kinds of treasures. This bin is always available, but sometimes it takes a little extra nudge. Today's work session was especially busy and especially colorful as the children criss-crossed lines and layered shapes.

Stay tuned for the finished works! Even though the busy photos show an explosion of seemingly random lines and shapes. Each piece was purposefully placed and glue was joyfully pooled and streamed across the page.

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