Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inspiration Through Sharing!

There is a wonderful group of educators collectively inspiring each other, imagining possibilities and problem-solving through sharing. The group is called TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behaviors).

Recently, one of their members posted a link to the artist, M.A. Tateishi's site. This member/educator is exploring the techniques of layering paintings using different kinds of paper with her students. Well, I just positively jumped on board!

I imagine that using tissue paper and tracing paper as painting surfaces will result in different levels of transparency and in the end will hide or reveal aspects of the surface they will be collaged on top of. I imagine that we could also paint gift wrapping paper or wall paper as an additional layer.

We began with large sheets of mat board for the background surface and smaller squares of pale yellow tissue paper using tempera on both. Now, I know that tempera applied to tissue paper will flake and I am imagining that this will be fine, fine. I know that watercolor applied to tracing paper bleeds when introduced to a glue wash and I imagine that will also be fine, fine. I have no idea about whether a paint will even hold at all on wallpaper or gift wrap, and that too, will be fine, fine.

Thanks for letting me share and imagine the possibilities!

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