Monday, February 20, 2012

Planets in a Glue Wash

The Tracks are doing their own planets through art exploration while the Leaves have painted backgrounds and planets and moons for collage. The difference in the way each class is exploring the same concepts (universe, planets, outer space) relates to how we approach art in each age group. We introduce different kinds of technique to match the children's interest and the way they interpret and express ideas.

Three turning four-year olds are quite literal and direct in their expression while the four turning five-year olds can express meaning and symbol in great leaps and bounds. Either way, we want children to experiment and experience materials -- in collage, for example, the little ones learn how to apply glue washes and that the glue wash must also be applied to the top of surfaces in order to both seal the paint and provide a smooth and complete cohesion. The glue makes things shiny -- they know this and they like it.

Then adding glittery confetti for stars add to the shiny and they add to their visual/experiential vocabulary. The confetti flakes will not adhere without glue, of course. The confetti will adhere to the sponge brush and will not land on the finished work. Glittery confetti is a must and more is more! The children quickly problem solve with a single goal in mind...stars equal confetti and I want more, please.

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