Sunday, May 20, 2012

Face Math

Tumbling out of pupil and iris studies straight to the math of the face. Exploring the face is first a hands-on experience. The children touch and feel their way through their facial features, working in pairs.

Using a pencil and a mirror to help find the edge of the mouth
To begin, the children use their fingers to find the tops of their ears, tracing along their cheek bones to their eyes while a friend holds a mirror for them. Then the find the bottom of their ears to their nostrils. They feel the ridge of their noses, the tips, and their chin. They find their pupil and with a pencil positioned over their pupil they find the edge of their mouths. Smile and yawn. How does that change the measurements?

Iris Studies. Using a mirror, pre-cut circles and various shades of
paint, the children hand mix their eye color
Next they sketch, using the pencils, and measure again, keeping the mirror close at hand.

Moving on to painting the features on the face. They begin with the whites for the eyes and then to the mouth and nostrils. These are markers for the shading. The color of the lips is their handmade skin shades with added pink. These three features serve as anchors for the rest of the facial features. They begin at the top, adding their handmade iris colors and pupils, choosing a daylight or a nighttime pupil. Then, they add shading, again using their skin colors mixed with a deeper shade for the ridges of their noses.

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