Friday, October 5, 2012

The Building of Old Town Takoma

We had  A LOT of donated boxes of every shape and size gathered just one day after sending out a request for them.

The children began the building process with a sanding session. They needed to rough up the gloss of the printing so that the tempera paint would hold. Then they applied two coats of tempera. A glue wash over the entire box held the doors and windows cut from home and architectural magazines. The final stage was to cut the corners or tops off the left-over boxes to make the roofs, although one builder wanted a curved roof and for that we cut up an oatmeal box. These cuts were made by me. The roofs were attached to the buildings with tape by the children.

The final step in the construction portion was to glue shingle pieces on to the roofs.

Tip of the day: I used our giant IKEA recycled shopping bag to store the works in progress. This allowed us to move the collection from room to room as the children moved through the space.


  1. Love them Lesley & it was worth cutting all those windows & doors out! Now I think we'll have to make some house later in the year too. Kierna

  2. I never would have thought of sanding the boxes to make the paint stick.Thanks again Lesley, another great idea.