Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fourth and Final Layers, Shadow Sites

The fourth and final layers of this year's Sense of Place projects bring the Shadow Site studies to completion. The fourth layer involved a glue wash. The glue wash is a dilute glue solution brushed on with a foam brush. This glue wash does a double duty here -- it holds the square pieces of wallpaper samples and holds the layers of melted crayons, the shaving cream/paint, and the tempera. The wallpaper samples provide more "shadows" in the landscape. The children chose pieces that would represent tree and building shadows.

The final layer brought color to the deep shadows. These colors were necessary because we do not live in a desert landscape. The children tell me that these colors -- paint samples -- are buildings and in some cases, airplanes floating over the shadowscapes. 

The floating effect was created by gluing the paint samples to styrofoam peanuts and then attaching these strategically over the background.

Gluing the styrofoam peanuts to the backs of paint samples and then gluing these to the back ground.

The display goes up...


  1. I really like these as you can tell each child was fully involved at every stage & I bet they can identify their work immediately. I only hope our box collages turn out half as good. Kierna

    1. Thanks Kierna. The children titled them today and that always makes it more interesting as well. I wondered if that could be a post all by itself.