Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Portrait Backgrounds 2013

This year ZIPPED past. These paintings, a combination of watercolor and regular-any-old-day tempera (in gray, white, and black) are accented with GOLD tempera. This class places high value -- even glitter-level value -- on gold tempera. The children of Tracks class 2013 are very much about destination, so it made sense to create grand cities with sparkling night skies, shimmering with every color of light, as the backgrounds for their portraits. Paul Klee's work was key.

The work on these backgrounds began weeks and weeks ago. They are so large, that only a handful could be worked on at one time. The paintings had to be moved and stored, and occasionally sorted, re-sorted, but I did not see all of them together until I took the photographs of them today. One word...STUNNING. The children's portraits will be layered on top of these over the next few days. Really looking forward to seeing that last step!

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  1. These are absolutely STUNNING!!! You are sooo creative and can get such BEAUTIFUL work from your young children!! It just amazes me and I thank you for posting so often and thoroughly.