Saturday, May 25, 2013

Circle Prints

Last year's circle prints have generated some buzz, so here is a quick how to...first, these are textured prints -- the black is a mixture of glue, shaving cream, and tempera. Mixed properly, it will leave a raised print. I would not recommend using a brush with this mixture. The older children used this paint mixture on their landscape studies, you can find that <here>. They used paint spatulas to apply the paint over encaustic.

The younger class used plastic lids and cardboard tubes to apply the circles on painted sheets of paper. It is important to note that some of the children were playing catch-up -- they did not have paintings, so they applied the circles on blank sheets and then later applied water color.

Each approach (blank paper versus already painted paper) offers a different perspective and conversation with color and materials as you can see...

Circles first, paint second for "Igloo Made of Snow"

Paint first, circles second for "Day"

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  1. Loved these last time & still do - look so yummy :) I think the bright colours make the black circles really 'pop'.