Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Easel Painting

I wanted to collect some footage of easel paintings in progress. Two things...The children did not talk as they paint. They worked in silence. I had to respect that. The other thing, is that I cannot fix the camera on just the easels. There is simply too much going on. We have clay. On this day we also had watercolors at work on another project. Too busy!

Here is what I was able to collect. Each of these painters completed their paintings in one session. They gave them titles the next day.


  1. I'm intrigued, do you encourage them to cover the whole page? Do they ever just paint on a particular section of the page?

    1. Initially, we only ask if this is a vertical painting or a horizontal painting in order to orient the empty paper on the easel according the painter's wishes. Then after the first session, we talk about the composition of the painting. The two paintings documented here are by children who have been with us for 3 years. To give you an example of how long they work on an easel painting, though...Last year, these children brought home 3 easel paintings for the whole year, yet this year, here we are and each of them completed these easel paintings in one session. On the other hand, other children in this same class are still not finished. We do not necessarily require a filled page, but upon reflection and discussion a level of completion that is satisfactory to both the painter and myself.