Monday, October 28, 2013

The Lithograph Look Twice

Over the Summer, I found a big bunch of lithographs at the thrift shop. The lithos were taped together in two stacks and I had to buy both stacks not really knowing what was in them. The paper itself was worth it. It ended up that there were 5 sets -- and there are 5 teams in the Tracks class.


Clothes are sometimes helpful.

Since the original works were quite graphic--there was something very 70s about them (shout out to the original artist), I wanted to use them for an exploration of line and shape. The children used flat brushes with blues and blacks for the first layer. Some children carefully added the color just so on top of the original shapes and line. Others added detail into the empty spaces. While still others washed the entire litho away in layer upon layer of tempera.

Today, we taped off squares using masking tape and opened NEW BOXES of oil pastels (new boxes make everything even better). The reason I wanted to try this is to change up the conversation with the lithos -- it inserts shape back into the original work.
Having completed the square, she moves onto the edges.
Feeling the oil pastel is an important part of using this
medium at our school. When it feels "velvety" it is done.

Where will we go next? Probably watercolor. We'll see.

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  1. Wow. Such edgy and ground-breaking work you do. I love the way you don't get precious about things like maps and lithographs, and give children the chance to add a piece of themselves without staying their hands all the time.