Monday, December 2, 2013

Fish! A Quick project that will make you happy (or mad or sad or content)

The Happy book by Mies Van Hout arrived today, brought in by our co-oping parent who holds the school librarian committee position. It arrived in the nick of time because we are in a holding pattern while we consider how to make this year's Winter lanterns. The Tracks are finishing up their lithograph layer project as well. There were a handful to work on so we needed something quick, easy, and smallish (the lithographs take up a lot of room).

The colors and lines are so intriguing and perfectly capture a range of emotions.

We quickly cut some dark paper and got to work with the oil pastels -- and now we have our own collection of fish to share. I will put these in a book and display it right along with the other!

Tip: If your child gets stuck with drawing a fish just so, wet your finger in water and draw on the dark paper. This will not lock the child into tracing something you have done because the paper will dry quickly. It will simply unlock the "artist's block" and the drawing will come easier.


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