Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Tray, An Idea, A Green Hill, Prologue

Learning Materials Workshop gave us a tray and asked us to think about what we could do with it. We began with an open discussion during circle. We also shared the ideas they offered us, ultimately blending these with what we doing in class (mandalas and labyrinths) and reading at the time (fairy tales). Before we move forward with the adventure, let us move backward to trace the lightning strike of inspiration.

Kuitca-inspired Sense of Place paintings from last year's Tracks class. These multi-layered collages began with the inner core of the planet earth, working out and up to reveal cityscapes at night.

The lines that connect us all and the beginning of the Learning Materials Workshop tray adventure!

Detail: These works included oil pastel, watercolor, tempera, glue wash and
many, many found objects like puzzle pieces, tissue paper, joss paper, painted paper,
and foil (all applied with layers of glue wash)
Collected, the painted collages look like satellite imagery

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